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Spamassassin bayes database

Spamassassin bayes database

Name: Spamassassin bayes database

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3 Jun SpamAssassin Bayes Frequently Asked Questions How can I tell how many ham/spam messages have been added to the Bayes database?. 15 Apr In, tell SpamAssassin where to find the Bayesian database files: bayes_path /var/spamassassin/bayes_db/bayes bayes_file_mode. Display the contents of the Bayes database. Without an option or with the all option, all magic tokens and data tokens will be displayed. magic will only display   OPTIONS - EFFECTIVE TRAINING - FILES - EXPIRATION.

26 Oct The FAQ states running sa-learn user docker exec -it which runs inside the docker container using root, hence the bayes database is built in the. We need to create a SQL database and to store SpamAssassin bayes data. Summary - Enable Bayes modules in. No problem! If you just installed Spamassassin and your Bayesian database is empty, you can use our startup Bayesian database, which is refreshed every day.

Learn how to re-install the Spam Assassin plugin if the plugin is failing to initialize and how to reset the Bayes database if it has become corrupt or no longer. 26 Oct I recently had a problem where my Spamassassin install started thinking that a lot of spam messages were really ham (non-spam). Since these. I was trying to figure out if the BAYES feature of spamassassin is used by If you do not do this the bayesian database will probably not be even close to as. Can anybody point me to a starter bayes database download for SpamAssassin with install instructions. I am currently expierencing spam with the latest install of . SpamAssassin can optionally store per-user Bayesian data in an SQL database, which is useful when users.

I'm running spamassassin on Slackware64 , kernel I use sa- learn to It appears that I have bayes database files in 2 places. Can that be?. The old mailserver uses a global spamassassin db stored in What is the best way to migrate this bayes db to the new server? I thought. How To Train the Bayes Database. Some spam messages aren't detected by the static rule set of SpamAssassin (false negatives), and some are tagged as. SpamAssassin bayes database SQL conversion guide. [edit]Pre-requisities. a. You'll need the perl-DBI and perl-DBD-MySQL modules installed before you try.

9 Dec First of all, it should be written somewhere in the doc that spam assassin's Bayes database requires to learn at least spams AND hams. Default Bayes Database. Hey all - I remember seeing somewhere that there was a default Bayes database for Bayes to start using right away. 19 Sep The SpamAssassin bayes database has become ineffective on one of our servers and we want to wipe it and start fresh - can anyone confirm. hi. I've started to train SA with some old mail (running slowly), and, running this as root, SA generates the database under /root/.spamassassin/ Can I have.


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